Méditation sur la LumièreIntroduction

Meditation on light allows to open up to the energy coming from above. It gives warmth and comfort to the heart and soul.


  1. Sitting in a meditation posture, back straight, neck in line with the spine, eyes closed, hands interlocked or on the knees.
  2. Imagine a sky full of stars.
  3. In this sky full of stars, imagine a bright source of light.
  4. Imagine a ray of light coming down from the luminous source in the sky all the way down to the top of your head.
  5. Let this light progressively penetrate your entire body.
  6. Once all the body parts are completely filled, allow the light to expand beyond the limits of your body, at about 50 cm.
  7. Imagine a bubble of light all around your body.
  8. Mentally maintain the connection with the luminous source in the sky and stay there for about 5 min. visualising the bubble of light around you.
  9. During the exercise, cultivate a feeling of universal love and belonging to the Whole.

With a little bit of training, this exercise can be practised anywhere and anytime to regain energy and to protect yourself from disharmonious vibrations. It is very beneficial before sleeping.



  • Increases the power of concentration and visualisation.
  • Stimulates the occipital lobe and Ajna chakra.
  • Reduces the amplitude and frequency of brain waves.
  • Relaxes the brain and the nervous system.
  • Regulates the heart rate.
  • Relaxes the entire organism in depth.
  • Regulates sleep cycles.
  • Increases pranic capacity.
  • Develops the capacity to move prana inside the body.
  • Provides a deep feeling of joy and inner peace.


I can't sit with my legs crossed.

If sitting crossed legs is too uncomfortable, it is fine to sit on a chair or a meditation bench. The most important factor is to keep the back straight, to allow nerve impulses to freely circulate along the spine. A regular asana practice is a great help in that area because it progressively prepares the body (and the mind) to sit comfortably.

I keep on thinking when I meditate. What can I do?

The nature of the mind is motion. It is therefore absolutely normal to think when we begin to meditate. The intention is not to abruptly stop the activity of the mind. It would be like trying to stop a galloping horse in full speed. The idea is to gradually diminish the amount and strength of our thoughts, just like the rider inviting his horse to progressively slow down until it finally walks. The process is identical with meditation. By directing our attention towards a single object of concentration, such as the breath, a sensation, a sound, an image... senses are calming down and the brain naturally slows down its cognitive activity and reduces brain waves' frequency and intensity. It is essential to abstain from trying to control the mind only with cold will power. Even if it is sometimes a little confused and stubborn, it should be treated like a good friend, who just needs to be approached with patience, understanding and a soft perseverance.



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