Neti (Cleansing Of The Nose)


There are two methods to cleanse the nose with Neti: – Jala Neti: cleansing with water, with a special pot called a lota. – Sutra Neti: cleansing with a piece of clothe or a rubber string, called a catheter.


Jala Neti technique (cleansing with water)

This is the simplest method.

  1. Fill the lota with luck warm water (preferably slightly salted with unrefined sea salt).
  2. Lean the head on the left side and pour water in the right nostril.
  3. Water should come out through the other nostril.
  4. Repeat the operation on the other side.
  5. Rinse the nose with water. In the beginning, this technique may provoke lachrymal secretions (tears) which contribute to cleanse the nose and the sinuses. It passes with a little bit of practice.

Sutra Neti technique (cleansing with a catheter)

This method is more delicate and should be practiced with caution.

  1. Humidify nostrils or practice Jala Neti first.
  2. Put the catheter under water so that it becomes more slippery.
  3. Introduce the catheter in the right nostril.
  4. Push it upwards in the nose very gently until where sinuses are crossing.
  5. Make it go down in the mouth and grab it with the thumb and the index.
  6. Gently move it back and forth to thoroughly cleanse the nose and the sinuses.
  7. Repeat the operation with the other nostril.
  8. Rinse both nostrils with water.


  • Cleanses nasal cavities.
  • Removes excess of mucus from nose, sinuses and throat.
  • Stimulates and frees the sinuses.
  • Prevents sinusitis.
  • Stimulates and balances many areas of the body through reflex points in the nose and sinuses.


  • Avoid Sutra Neti in case of lesion or inflammation inside the nose or sinuses.



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