Basti (Cleansing Of The Intestines)


Cleansing intestines with water (Jala Basti) is performed with a 2 liters enema pouch that can be found in any pharmacy or online. Intestines are full of bacterias and toxins. Furthermore, it is common that intestines’ walls are covered with a thick layer of mucus, preventing them to properly assimilate nutrients and eliminate toxins. Basti allows to thoroughly cleanse this area and to enjoy an excellent intestinal hygiene, which will undoubtedly have deep effects on the entire organism. For those familiar with fasting, Basti constitutes a precious ally as it accelerates the process of purification and elimination of toxins, hence reducing symptoms of elimination, often unpleasant to endure.



  1. Fill the enema pouch with luck warm water, slightly salted with unrefined sea salt.
  2. Hang the enema pouch filled with luck warm water about 2 meters high, to a coat rack in the bathroom for example.
  3. Come on all fours or on the back with open legs.
  4. Introduce the soft catheter in the anus for about 10 cm and open the valve.
  5. Introduce the rest of the catheter until the end and let the water flow in, breathing deeply in the meanwhile.
  6. If possible, wait one or two minutes before going to the bathroom, to allow water to dissolve solid residues that are sometimes literally stuck on the intestines’ walls.


  • Thoroughly cleanses intestines.
  • Removes excess of mucus in the intestines and on their walls.
  • Prevents constipation.
  • Reinforces immune system.


  • Avoid in case of any serious problems with the intestines.



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