A heavy diet and lack of physical exercise inevitably produces an accumulation of toxins in the body that prevent the organs to function properly. These accumulated toxins can cause serious health issues. Hatha Yoga proposes various techniques very efficient to cleanse the internal organs and gradually regain an optimal health.

Kriyas are particularly recommended when transitioning from a “standard” to a vegetarian diet. It will accelerate the process of elimination of the impurities in the body. Kriyas are also very helpful when one is fasting.

The 6 Kriyas of Hatha Yoga


These techniques need to be learned with an experienced teacher to be practiced correctly.


  1. Dhauti : stomach and oesophagus cleansing
  2. Neti : nose cleansing
  3. Tratak : eyes cleansing
  4. Kapalabhati : lungs cleansing
  5. Nauli : abdomen and digestive organs cleansing
  6. Basti : intestines cleansing

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