There is a belief widely spread according to which dairy products are providing a good source of calcium. That is just not true. Several studies have demonstrated that the calcium in milk is not assimilated correctly by a human organism. It has also been proved that the countries that were consuming the most dairy products had the highest rate of osteoporosis. Furthermore, the milk protein, casein, is very difficult to digest for our stomach and its ingestion provokes an overproduction of mucus. People who consume a lot of dairy products often have difficulties to breathe and easily get sick in winter suffering from chronic colds and angina. Milk also has been identified as a strong allergenic and has been associated as a possible cause for asthma. It is interesting to note that human is the only species on Earth that consume the milk from another species, especially after his growth phase is over. Stopping or strongly reducing the consumption of dairy products very quickly enhances one’s overall health, especially at the level of breathing, digestion and elimination. Skin problems like acne tend to disappear completely in a short time and skin becomes more beautiful and luminous.



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